HDR? submit your projects to the doctoral school competition!

The competition for the distribution of BioSPC doctoral contracts is an annual competition organized by department and in three phases:

  1. Call for projects for all HDRs attached to the doctoral school.
  2. Call for applications from students on the projects proposed by the HDRs and posted online.
  3. Auditions of the pre-selected candidates according to the academic grid.

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Qualification requirements

In order to qualify as a thesis director, it is required to have the habilitation to direct research (HDR). However, if you do not yet have the HDR, the authorization to submit a PhD project will be accepted only if the authorization of HDR defense has been obtained and if the date of defense, which must be before October 1, 2022, has been formalized by the administration.

Conditions related to the supervision rate

The supervision rate is limited to two doctoral students per HDR, whether it is a direction or a co-direction. The co-direction of a PhD student is equivalent to 1 supervision.

An exception to the two doctoral students per HDR rule occurs when it is clearly stated in the co-supervision agreement that the PhD student will spend at least 50% of her/his time in the partner country. The thesis director must therefore supervise only one doctoral student when submitting the project. The director is allowed to supervise two students if the jury composition request for one of the students has been submitted before the application

Number of authorized deposits

The HDR holder can only submit one project with a maximum of one candidate to the doctoral school competition.

However, a thesis director who does not supervise any PhD student (and who present one student to the competition) is allowed to recruit a second as long as the second PhD student is funded through another channel (foundation, CIFRE, ANR, Region…).



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