Graduate Schools- BioSPC

Antimicrobial Resistance offer multidisciplinary training in the research for prevention and treatments of infectious diseases. Read more

The Graduate School of Cardiovascular Sciences offers its students multidisciplinary training for and through research in the cardiovascular field. Read more

At the interface between basic, clinical and translational research, our school is dedicated to the development of new drugs, from their conception to their use in medication. Read more

Génétique et Épigénétique Nouvelle École
G.E.N.E trains students for future challenges in genetics and epigenetics. Read more


Innovative Therapies in Cancerology offers cross-disciplinary teaching, combining training in immunology, hematology and cancerology. Read more


Focusing on metabolic diseases – from molecular mechanisms to integrated pathophysiology – and on the study of the societal changes that may explain the increased incidence of these disorders. Read more

Developing a multidisciplinary approach ranging from basic to clinical research and engineering, to train the next generation of neuroscientific experts. Read more

The Graduate School aims to create a comprehensive training programme specifically dedicated to (re)emerging infectious diseases. Read more

Training students in cutting-edge bioinformatics techniques, enabling them to address new global challenges in health and personalized medicine. Read more