Attachment of a hosting team

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A research team can be affiliated to one doctoral school only.

The requests for a new team to be reattached or for an old team to be crossed off rely on the decision from the doctoral school council.

At the BioSPC Doctoral School, a research unit is associated to a specific department.

However, an exemption is possible in order to attach a research unit or a research team to a second doctoral school.

According to the August 7, 2006 decree (article 3), a Research Unit takes part in only one doctoral school. Nevertheless, depending on the size of the unit and the extent of the scientific spectrum, the research teams can be divided up among several doctoral schools.

Under exceptional circumstances, a unit or a research team of a doctoral school can be attached to another doctoral school in order to ensure the development of multidisciplinary and professional approaches.


Each team director who wants to be affiliated to our Doctoral School needs to send a file including;

The file has to be sent to the administrative manager of the team’ s department:

The application will be first examined by the Directors’ Board and then validated by the Doctoral School Council.

For information, a team could be affiliated to the BioSPC Doctoral School only if validated by HCERES. Please specify what is the current team statute and what would be the request for the new five-year plan. Except for the team ATIPE/AVENIR, ERC, G5 that are evaluated by other authorities.