The doctoral school is in charge of accompanying, monitoring and guiding you during your doctorate. It has very specific missions, such as

  • Recruits PhD students (through an entrance exam and by auditions outside of the exam)
  • Ensures the coordination of the various hosting teams
  • Provides information to PhD students and their supervisors (legal framework concerning the PhD, courses, entrance exams)
  • Assists PhD students regarding their academic procedures (registration, thesis defense)
  • Monitors PhD students ( individual monitoring committees, mid-term audition, mediation in case of conflict)
  • Helps PhD students to plan their future career paths
  • Promotes scientific exchanges between PhD students through the doctoral school’s forums
  • Organizes professional and transversal training programs for PhD students

Notre engagement?

Vous protéger, orienter et suivre jusqu’à votre succès. 

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Here are some concrete guidelines on how the BioSPC doctoral school can help you:

  • PhD applications
  • Training portfolio
  • Mid-thesis monitoring
  • Individual thesis monitoring
  • International mobility
  • Thesis defense