To apply for a PhD at the BioSPC, it is mandatory to have a funding covering the three years of the PhD.

Two options are proposed to the applicants in order to get a funding:

  • The entrance exam of the BioSPC doctoral school to get a PhD contract from the University,
  • If the applicant already has funding (laboratory, full-time employee, overseas job, government scholarship, etc.).
Doctoral registration requirements

Applicants for doctoral studies must meet the following requirements:

  • Obtained  a Master 2 or an equivalent diploma
  • Have a thesis project that can be completed in 3 years
  • Have funding covering the the period of the thesis (3 years)
  • Have an HDR thesis director attached to the doctoral school


Registration and re-registration

Administrative registration for a thesis is mandatory, annual and personal.

It is exclusively done online.

It follows an authorization to register, or in certain cases, an automatic re-registration, as well as the payment of the CVEC.

It confers the status of student or intern and requires the payment of registration fees.

A certificate of attendance and a student card are issued.

It is imperative to respect the deadline for administrative registration for the thesis.


Hiring through entrance exams

The Doctoral School  auditions for candidates who have applied for a doctoral contract as a fellowship is open to all students with a Master 2 or equivalent.

Recruitment without competition

Recruitment out of competition concerns applicants for registration in a doctoral program with funding from another source than the doctoral school’s competition.

This recruitment is done in two steps:

Audition at the entrance:

The organization of these audition committees is done by department, progressively starting from the end of June and ending in November.

The audition with a doctoral school audition committee lasts 20 minutes, 10 for the presentation of the thesis project and 10 minutes for discussion with the jury.

At the end of these auditions, the audition committee writes a report on each candidate stating its opinion (favorable or not).

To register on the list of students to be auditioned with funding, you should submit your pedagogic file educational file including:  


This application file is to be submitted online at this address, do not confuse it with the competition link:  

You can register to this link until 19 October 2024. 

Registration file

If the audition jury approves of the candidate’s application, the department manager will contact the candidate and his or her future thesis director to announce the results of the audition and provide information on the procedure to follow to begin the administrative registration. The application file to be submitted on the form includes:

  • The university curriculum form
  •  A CV
  •  A 2/3 page thesis proposal
  •  A copy of the Master 2 or equivalent title
  •  A copy of the proof of funding for 3 years
  •  For funded medical doctors (CCA, AHU, clinicat), a letter of discharge, from the head of department, for 50% of the time devoted to the thesis is required.